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Real Estate Tips/To-do's

Make sure your property is ready to be photographed before I arrive for best results

Exterior should be free of all accessories/personal items

This includes parked cars, trash cans, yard debris, sprinklers, toys, etc. Cars can be stored within a garage if out of sight.

Lights on

All lights, including lamps and such, should be on while I am photographing. Lights can be turned off/on accordingly by whichever room I am currently shooting.

Clear Counters

Remove tissue boxes, toiletries, food, etc. from counters. Bowl of fruit or nice food display in the kitchen is welcomed.

Windows visible

Shades and blinds out of the way as much as possible. Window sill decorations are acceptable.

Generally de-personalize

Strip away personal items from the property so that future buyers can see the house the way they wish it to be.

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